Why TerraCotta?

The difference between a good lender and a great lender can have a huge impact on the success and profitability of a real estate investment project.

TerraCotta prides itself on being a great lender. We service best-in-class sponsors, providing sophisticated and bespoke financing solutions for the execution of complex business plans and unique investment projects. Our loans offer a wide range of results-driving benefits and features that no other lender can deliver — benefits and features that are proven to minimize risk and result in a greater effective net return on your project compared to standard industry loans.

Customized Solutions

TerraCotta goes the extra mile to develop perfectly-tailored bespoke loans that fits each borrower’s unique projects like a glove— providing enhanced flexibility and peace of mind and driving better project performance.


TerraCotta’s in-house, semi-automated underwriting can analyze over 200 variables and 55 investment scenarios in just two hours, can generate a letter of intent in 24 hours, and fund a loan within two weeks.


We provide concrete loan terms from the outset. Our highly sophisticated methodology also allows us to provide certainty in our loan terms and transactions. When borrowers receive a letter of intent from TerraCotta, it has already been fully approved and vetted by our Investment Committee.*

*only subject to identified due diligence items

Borrower-First Approach

As a small, agile firm with a technology-driven approach that enables us to match the resources of a much larger organization, we offer hands-on and high-touch support. We believe funding is not the end of the lending process – it’s the beginning of a relationship. Our highly responsive team stands by our borrowers, every step of the way for the entire duration of the loan. As a result of all of these features and benefits, we have cultivated a loyal following – over 50% of our borrowers are repeat customers.