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Weathering the economic climate: what are the risks in private credit?

“While we are not predicting a downturn, there is truly little room to go any higher”, says Tingting Zhang. What risks are private credit players facing in the current economic climate, amid an abundance of dry powder and a potential market downturn? Will private credit managers be able to weather the storm?
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‘We think of ourselves as cyborgs’: Why the future of investing may be half-human, half-machine

The trio featured in this edition of Human Capital — Tingting Zhang of TerraCotta Group, and Ian Picache and Sajjad Jaffer of Two Six Capital — are out not only to bust that myth, but to show that data is the most potent source of “edge” in the future of investing.
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Data-Driven Lending Emerges As Middle Market Differentiator

Data-driven real estate lending has the potential to overtake traditional lending practices in the middle market space thanks to advances in data science, transaction speed, and an increase in borrowers’ comfort levels with the lenders, according to Tingting Zhang.
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